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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do recipients redeem their code?

Recipients can redeem their code at They simply hit the redeem button within their emails to direct them to the site.

2. What can recipients redeem their code for?

For the full list of retailer products that recipients can redeem their codes for, please click here.

Multiple codes can be combined when redeeming & recipients can split their reward value across multiple retailer products.

3. How long are the codes valid for?

Codes are valid for 3 months from the date of delivery – this will be detailed within the email that recipients receive.

Unfortunately, any codes that expired will not work after this date.

4. One/many of my recipients cannot redeem their code?

We are sorry to hear this – please refer them to the FAQ's on the redemption site as these may help them in redeeming their code.

Please check that the code has not expired, unfortunately it cannot be re-activated after this period.

If the problem persists, please get in touch and we will look to resolve this for you.

5. I want to upload a logo to my template - what file type & image size must my logo be?

PNG, JPEG and GIF file types are supported.

The image used must be of a file size less than 2MB.

6. Can I create more than 1 email template to use with an order?

Unfortunately, you can only apply one email template to each order. If you wish to issue different templates to different recipients you will need to create multiple orders.

7. Why can't I upload my order file?

Please ensure that the file you are uploading is of the appropriate file structure or we will be unable to process your order. You can download a file sample from within the Recipients page if you wish.

Please note, the file you are uploading must be CSV format.

8. Is there a limit to the number of people that I can send codes?

The maximum number of recipients that you can send a code to in a single order is 500.

9. What is the maximum reward value I can send a single recipient?

£500 is the maximum value code that can be sent to any one individual.

10. What is the maximum order value?

The maximum order value is £5000. If you need to order a greater value than this, please submit separate orders.

11. What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made via debit or credit card.

We accept payment via Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Visa, Visa Debit & Visa Purchasing.

12. I have not been able to complete my purchase but payment has been taken?

This is likely due to a billing address fault. If the order fails, funds may be ring fenced (shown as taken) by your Bank or Building Society but will be returned to the account from which the payment was attempted within 7 working days.

Please ensure your billing address exactly matches the address registered with your Bank or Building Society.

13. I have received an email stating that my payment was not successfully processed?

Once you have confirmed payment for your order, your bank may not release the funds for up to 24 hrs whilst it performs the relevant checks.

If your payment fails at this stage we will notify you by email.

Unfortunately, you will have to re-submit your order & provide payment via an alternative method.

14. When will I receive a Payment Confirmation Email?

Once your bank has performed the required checks and has released payment, we will notify you that your payment has been successfully processed. This may take up to 24 hrs.

15. Why has my order not arrived?

Once payment has been successfully processed, your emails should be delivered within the delivery period that you selected for your order. Please allow up to 12 hrs following this period before notifying us.

If your payment failed to be processed, you will have been notified by email – unfortunately you will have to re-submit your order and provide an alternative payment method.

16. Why have some recipients received their emails, but others not?

Emails are sent across the delivery period you have specified and as a result some recipients may receive their gift before others, so please hold tight.

We do our best to validate the email addresses that you provide but unfortunately if an email address you have provided is incorrect then it is likely that the gift is undelivered.

Please get in touch and we will do our best to resolve this issue for you.

17. How do I found out more about Hawk Incentives and other products they have to offer?

Please visit our website at and complete a Contact Form.